advocacyCommittee Chairs:
Andrew Salner and Bryte Johnson

Each day local, state, and national legislative decisions are made that influence the lives of cancer patients and survivors. Educating lawmakers about cancer is critical, as they play an important role in addressing many of the issues that confront patients, health care providers and advocates.

Connecticut has a long tradition of organizations and agencies working together to enact legislation and to formulate and implement policies regarding cancer. Advocacy at allĀ  levels will be needed for successful implementation of the Connecticut Cancer Plan, 2014-2017 and advocacy strategies have been delineated in each area of the Plan.

The Advocacy Committee of the Connecticut Cancer Partnership works to build a collaborative program, taking into account the needs of each of the other committees. It will promote beneficial laws, regulations, and policies, and will coordinate advocacy efforts needed for the Plan as a whole.

Together with the Partnership leadership and the organizations most involved in advocacy in Connecticut, the Advocacy Committee will help set priorities for and carry out the advocacy program.