Connecticut Cancer Plan 2014-2017 Relevant Goals and Objectives

CDC FOA Priority 6: Demonstrate Outcomes Through Evaluation

  • Ensure that all CCC interventions reflect most current data
  • Ensure that all CCC interventions are evidence based or contribute to the evidence base
  • Develop and enhance capacity to evaluate outcome and impact
  • Evaluate impact of CCC partnerships and program interventions

Reminder: As outlined in the Connecticut Cancer Plan 2014-2017, the role and responsibility of the Partnership (through its staff, Board, and committee structure) is to: convene and educate partners, mobilize and advocate for policy, systems, and environmental changes, monitor data trends, and disseminate best practices

Role and Responsibilities

Role: The role of the Evaluation Committee is to support the evaluation efforts of the Connecticut Cancer Partnership by:
Helping its committees to develop and carry out appropriate and timely evaluation of activities related to the objectives of the Connecticut Cancer Plan 2014- 2017.

Responsibilities: The Evaluation Committee may support the work of the Partnership committees through the following:

Technical Assistance
Advise committees on process and outcome evaluation methodologies, determining meaningful and measurable baselines, key indicators of success, and measurable outcomes.
Review evaluation materials developed on behalf of the Partnership (e.g., requests for proposals, proposals and reports)
Help committees to adhere to evidence-based project initiatives , whenever possible
Help committees in development of SMART objectives

Work with committees to assess needs related to evaluation,
Identify/provide opportunities for education/training on evaluation,
Provide guidance on methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation for program improvement and
Ongoing Strategies:
Advise the Connecticut Cancer Partnership regarding:
– methods of setting baselines and targets
– methods for measuring progress on objectives
– evaluating any projects funded via the Connecticut Cancer Plan 2014 – 2017.
– implementation activities related to the objectives of the Plan
Enhance committee capacity through:
– member recruitment from among state and regional evaluation experts
– presentations from partners on evaluation
– collaborations with state partners to accomplish priority projects