treatmentJoint Treatment and Survivorship Committee
Co-Chairs: Keith Bellizzi and Tara Sanft

The Treatment and Survivorship Committees have merged due to the overlap of work, especially related to the development of survivorship care plans, which include treatment summaries.

As a result of new treatments, many people with cancer are being cured of their disease or are living longer with a good quality of life. Cancer is still a difficult disease to treat, however, requiring complex therapy, often with one or more modalities. It is important that both health care providers and their patients have access to the latest treatment information, so they can better understand treatment choices. Patients need to be assured that services are geographically and financially available, that the treatment they receive is evidence-based and of high quality.

Connecticut’s cancer treatment services are relatively well distributed throughout the state. Acute care hospitals, cancer centers, freestanding oncology centers, and private practices, along with appropriate support services, are accessible to most Connecticut residents. However, to ensure access to high quality care for all Connecticut residents, there is still progress to be made.

The Treatment/Survivorship Committee used the following information to help set its priorities.

  • Standards of Care: There is no single readily available place to access treatment guidelines and information.
  • Clinical Trials: Approximately 3-5% of adult patients participate in cancer clinical trials.
  • Access to Treatment for Pain Control: Barriers exist in assuring access to treatment.
  • Education for Health Professionals and Patients: There are barriers, both for patients and providers, to participate and enroll in cancer clinical trials.
  • Hospital Accreditation and Nurse Certification: Only 67% of acute care hospitals in Connecticut are ACoS accredited.

The Treatment goal of the 2014 – 2017 Connecticut Cancer Plan is:

High-quality comprehensive cancer treatment and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials are available and accessible to all people living in Connecticut.

Click on the link below to access the Treatment chapter of the Connecticut Cancer Plan.
The Continuum of Cancer Control: Treatment