Each Partnership committee has identified helpful and appropriate resources. A few committees have compiled resource lists (see right side bar). These resources are updated periodically.

Healthcare Innovations Exchange (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) 

The Healthcare Innovations Exchange supports health care professionals in sharing and adopting innovations that improve the delivery of care to patients, through the use of innovative strategies and quality-related tools. It contains numerous topics onhematologic and oncologic care, including specific types of cancer, screening modalities, and side effects of treatment.

The AHRQ has developed a new page on the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange Web site, called Linking Clinical Practices and the Community for Health Promotion. The page is designed to help health care professionals find new ways to work together to support patients in adopting healthy behaviors and managing their health, to create new ways to connect patients with services in primary care offices and community settings, and to increase accessibility to these services.

Visitors to the new page can find profiles of innovations that have successfully integrated clinical, public health, and community health services, along with tools to assist in developing partnerships and referral linkages. Visitors are invited to share their experiences and lessons learned through a commenting feature that is provided from each innovation profile page. 

Cancer Facts and Figures, 2008. American Cancer Society. (PDF, 900 KB)
A summary of current scientific information about cancer in the United States, including historic and projected incidence and deaths, trends, relative survival, disparities, and risk factors.

100 Years of Advances Against Cancer
This series of fact sheets chronicles the remarkable history of cancer control and prevention--from the discovery in 1903 that radium is effective for treating tumors, to the HPV vaccine in 2006. A great source of trivia for your next social hour. [In what publication was the list of cancer's warning signs first published?  Ladies' Home Journal, 1913.]

Oncology by OncologySTAT 
The OncologySTAT web site promotes state-of-the-art cancer care by providing oncology professionals with instant access to the highest-quality news, expert opinion, and clinical information, including free full-text articles from over 100 Elsevier cancer-related journals. It also offers CME programs for cancer care professionals. 


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