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Connecticut Cancer Partnership Logo

Connecticut Cancer Partnership Logo

The stylized, iconic nature of our logo is purposeful: it’s meant to guide the interpretation symbolically, with a balance of familiar form and relative abstraction.

In the simplest terms, you “get it” when you see it. But what you get depends on what you see, and different people see different things.

Most see a bridge. A bridge allows passage across gaps or barriers. It can also be a bridge of understanding. The Partnership, like a bridge, is characterized both by strength and flexibility. It serves as a bridge that draws ignorance closer to knowledge, isolation toward inclusion.

Some see human figures reaching out to and touching one another. It is about people drawn together by and for a common cause, for the good of humanity. The Partners are diverse individuals and organizations, reaching out and making contact with one another to bridge gaps in information and services for people with cancer, their loved ones, and those who can help them.

The bridge is also viewed as a continuum of care that spans the horizon of cancer. The towers of the bridge are the elements in the continuum–prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship, and palliative and hospice care. The bridge serves as a conduit for new ideas and innovative approaches–a platform upon which a cure is sought and solutions are formulated.

Our logo is each of these things and all of these things, because it serves as a metaphor for the Connecticut Cancer Partnership, its constituent partners, and comprehensive cancer control, itself.


The Connecticut Cancer Partnership is a coalition of stakeholders in our state’s cancer community. It does not approve, endorse, support, or oppose any commercial providers of materials or services. It does not accept for its publications or website any publicity, marketing, promotion, advertising, or announcement of new products and services, nor links to those who provide or sell them.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Connecticut Cancer Partnership has grown from a core group of five organizations to a broad and diverse coalition more than 300 strong, representing elements of the cancer community from across Connecticut.  A timeline of our organization can be found here.