HPV Vaccination Workgroup

HPV Workgroup Meeting Notes Feb. 28, 2024

Attendees Archer Brackney Clark Ellingson Gargano Hogarty Holbert, Lillpopp Litwin Sillasen Uwandu Valett Verma Welcome and Introduction: Jerry Gargano, 4th yr UConn Dental student, active in Oral Health Workgroup Discussion of Call-to-action letter. Examples of other states’ letters are more expansive than our letter of 2023, addressing not just the pediatric population. Lucinda will circulate…

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HPV Vaccination: Progress and Challenges Pond House, West Hartford

The Connecticut Cancer Partnership’s HPV Vaccination Workgroup invites you to attend a free summit highlighting the Progress and Challenges of HPV Vaccination. The morning meeting will be held in person at the Pond House in West Hartford, on the grounds of the beautiful Elizabeth Park. Morning refreshments will be served. Topics to be covered include…

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Lung Cancer Screening Workgroup

Meeting Notes Feb. 20, 2024

Attendance: Baker, Seth Basilio, Lynn Bender, Melissa Berte, Tom Brown, Gean Canovi, Ruth Danao, Joe Fiume, Karen Fow, Stephanie Hogarty, Lucinda Kapoor, Amber Kitts, Andrea Borondy Sather, Polly Shuttleworth, Katie Silcox, Kim Stevens, Julie Uwandu, Adaeze Valett, Elizabeth, CT Cancer Partnership continues to expand in 2024 to include more groups and projects.  Lucinda asked for…

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Early Onset Cancer Survivorship Workgroup

Notes from Feb. and March 2024 Meetings

Connecticut Cancer Partnership New Workgroup: Survivorship, Early Onset Cancers Notes from Feb. and March 2024 Meetings Attendees: Feb and March  meetings Adaeze Uwandu-DPH Adebola Idowu-DPH Andy Salner-HHC Angelica Katz- Komen Alyson Codner-DPH Amber Kapoor-Middlesex Aya Abdullah-Wesleyan Brenda Cartmel-Yale Dawn White Bracey-Sisters Journey Deb Walker-HHC Debbie Vincent-Gilda’s Club Elizabeth Valett-ACS Eileen Esdaille- Sisters Journey Georgann Torres…

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Oral Health Workgroup

Oral Health Workgroup Zoom Meeting Jan. and Feb. 2024

Members: Dr. Rosa Pelaez-Shelton, Roseann Sillasen, Dr. Easwar Natarajan, Jerry Gargano, Izabella Pulvermacher, Sarah Vermette, Gloria Jones, Elizabeth Valett,  Rosa Rodriguez, Chantelle Archer, Toni Parlanti, Charity Benedict, Katie Shuttleworth, Gary Turco,  Toni  Parlanti, Lucinda Hogarty             Review of initiatives that had been brainstormed at the breakout session held at the CCP annual meeting, on Dec.…

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The Connecticut Cancer Partnership is responsible for writing the comprehensive cancer plan for the state of Connecticut. The plan identifies goals and strategies for easing the burden of cancer on Connecticut residents. By funding implementation projects, the Partnership is working towards the goals and strategies acknowledged in the plan to identify solutions and best practices.


2017 implementation projects with oversight workgroups

HPV–Southern CT State University– awareness and catchup vaccination for college students.

Based on a pilot at Salem Mass College. To provide catchup vaccinations to students. The group is working with the School of Nursing to provide student education and awareness at the University. The program is rolling out already. They are collaborating with Yale and the New Haven Health Dept. to use effective educational materials (the Someone You Love video).

Survivorship care plan–provider education.

Commission on Cancer (COC) standards for compliance is still being discussed. About a year ago a survey was conducted about how organizations write and send out/communicate survivorship care plans. The data was shared in a white paper that was sent to the Commission. Plan is to target Norwalk area providers to talk about the importance of survivorship care plans. Sharon Taymor is working with Norwalk Hospital to identify primary care providers to contact and talk about care plans.

End of life conversation project— schools of nursing at Southern and Fairfield will be using The Conversation Project training for graduate nursing students on how to have end of life conversations. Approximately 90 students will participate across both schools. It is hoped that 30 community conversations will happen across the state focusing on minority groups. This is focus on the general population. Faculty involved with the project are working to create a research study for this project. The project does have evaluation tools.

A representative from each project will share their results with the Advisory Committee. They will also meet with the oversight workgroups throughout the duration of their projects.

2011- 2013

In 2010, the Department of Public Health received a $3.3 million award from a court settlement to fund a second round of implementation projects. Current state law provides that the comprehensive cancer control program receive a portion of settlement dollars brought about by lawsuits on behalf of the state that meet certain specified criteria. The largest settlement in this instance was the result of an agreement reached between the state and the drug company Cephalon over illegal off-label drug marketing that endangered Connecticut patients. The Connecticut Cancer Partnership immediately developed a list of funding priorities that best advanced various recommendations contained within the state cancer plan. Of the 22 projects taking place during the current round of funding, many began their work on July 1, 2011.

Projects from the second implementation funding cycle concluded in July, 2013. Posters summarizing findings from each of the projects were on display during the Tenth Annual Meeting. To learn more about each of these projects, click on the images below.


Twelve contracts, totaling nearly $2.2 million from funds directed by the Legislature in 2006, were awarded in 2008 to implement the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2005 – 2008. To learn more about the first round of projects and their outcomes, please view our Progress Report.