1. Baker, Seth
  2. Basilio, Lynn
  3. Bender, Melissa
  4. Berte, Tom
  5. Brown, Gean
  6. Canovi, Ruth
  7. Danao, Joe
  8. Fiume, Karen
  9. Fow, Stephanie
  10. Hogarty, Lucinda
  11. Kapoor, Amber
  12. Kitts, Andrea Borondy
  13. Sather, Polly
  14. Shuttleworth, Katie
  15. Silcox, Kim
  16. Stevens, Julie
  17. Uwandu, Adaeze
  18. Valett, Elizabeth,

CT Cancer Partnership continues to expand in 2024 to include more groups and projects.  Lucinda asked for more help with workgroup management.  Amber to help with note-taking today.
New member  introductions:

Joe Danao ([email protected]) introduced himself (Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut Dept. of Veterans Affairs) and shared that he can make connections with CT Department of Veteran Affairs, CT Fire Academy listserv, county fire chiefs organizations, Eastern CT public health. These are wonderful links to make—welcome, Joe!
2024  Focus: Community Outreach: Lung Cancer Screening Awareness Speakers Bureau

The group discussed the speakers’ bureau initiative.


  • Lucinda has drafted a flyer to send to potential venues; please share additional ideas for recipient orgs.
    • Health departments
    • Libraries
    • Senior centers
    • Police and fire departments
    • Factories
    • Organizations related to groups with high smoking rates (e.g. LGBTQIA+)
    • Electric Boat
    • Casinos
    • DMHAS regions


  • Lucinda shared draft slides to be used by speakers as a backup for talking points – community members tend to prefer informal Q&A sessions over presentations
  • Lucinda will add some additional content in the notes of the slides based on group feedback


  • AstraZeneca materials through Melissa Bender. She’ll check into it.
  • Materials used by Northeast Health District from ACS
  • American Lung Association
    • org
  • DPH can print materials and purchase tchotchkes branded with the CT Cancer Partnership logo (money is available until September)

UPDATE: ( as of Feb. 22!)
We have already had requests from the Middletown Health Dept and Middlesex has offered to handle the logistics, including getting the speaker and date. We’re off to a good start!
College Outreach—A new project called Plus One, through ALCSI, American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative. Andrea will follow up since we have had no success in establishing a Connecticut chapter.  Gean reported that one Connecticut applicant never heard back.

The new approach is described in this press release from the website
NEW YORK, NY (February 20, 2024) – The Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF) and the American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative (ALCSI) are partnering to improve early detection of lung cancer through a campaign and associated research study titled “ALCSI-LCRF Plus One Campaign,” sponsored by AstraZeneca….

The crux of the “Plus One” campaign is that the messaging will shift from directly asking people “Are you eligible for lung cancer screening?” to asking, instead, “Do you have a friend or loved one who is eligible for lung cancer screening?” (the “Plus One Message”). Through word-of-mouth and direct one-on-one conversations about lung cancer screening, the “Plus One” Campaign will apply a highly novel strategy to increase awareness of and use of lung cancer screening in the United States. The “Plus One” campaign will be implemented at up to 50 geographically diverse sites across the United States within the next three years.
The intent of the Plus One Campaign is to engage college students in a grassroots effort to increase lung cancer screening awareness.

Please let Lucinda know if you’d be willing to be a community speaker and specifics—where, what times or days, by Zoom.
All speakers will be trained to ensure consistent and accurate messaging.

Lucinda will inquire with others who could not be at the meeting today.

  • This is who we have so far. Thank you!!!
  • Karen Fiume, Manchester Area
  • Polly Sather, New Haven area
  • Dominique Kintzer, Northeast
  • Gean Brown, Bridgeport
  • Stephanie Fow, Bridgeport
  • Vinnie Mase
  • Karen Geary, New London County
  • Wendy Thibodeau, Bristol and Farmington area
  • Dilpreet Kaur, ask her

Next Steps

  • Lucinda will finalize the letter and attempt to schedule events

Lucinda has sent out repeating Zoom calendar invites, for the third Tuesday of each month.   March 19 will be the next meeting.